The Radiant Peace
Education Awards®

Essays, Art & Projects by Children

Since 1990

Radiant Peace PatchThe largest Radiant Peace project so far, The Radiant Peace Education Awards, has reached hundreds of thousands of elementary-school students across the United States, and, in recent years, in other countries. Each year invitations are sent to schools, youth groups and home schools by mail and email. Students write essays or create art or projects based on a Radiant Peace theme, such as "My Commitment to Radiant Peace" or "What Radiant Peace Means to Me," and submit their entries to The Radiant Peace Foundation International. Every participant -- students, teachers and staff -- receives a beautiful iron-on Radiant Peace Patch (pictured here). Outstanding entries also are awarded certificates and cash prizes.

Gallery of Award Moments

Children Receive & Show Off Awards Worldwide

Children are so excited to receive awards for their expressions of Radiant Peace! A few of those moments are pictured in this Picture Gallery (Adobe Flash) from 1991 to 2008.

Radiant Peace Education Around the World

From Google Maps

Each placemark represents a place where there have been Radiant Peace activities of some kind, including The Radiant Peace Education Awards. Use the navigation arrows to scroll around the map, and the + to zoom in to specific areas. If you click on the link below the map to look at a larger version, please use your Back button to return to this page.

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